10 healthy habits to continue from summer into fall

Ten Healthy Habits to Continue in the Fall

The leaves continue to change, and the season turns over. Winter is quickly approaching, and health habits begin to fade. It’s important to check in with your health at this time and make sure you are continuing the good habits you may have started. What can you continue throughout the next couple of months to improve your health? Even if you’re just starting to make your health a priority, these helpful tips below will guide you on your journey to creating healthy habits all year long.

Vitamin D

Are you soaking up the last rays of sunshine before the sun goes in hiding for winter? Unless, of course, you live in a state where it’s always sunny and 75 degrees, making sure you continue to get enough Vitamin D is crucial. About 5% of adults experience more depression and anxiety during the winter months, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).[1] A lack of vitamin D or sunshine may trigger these symptoms. So make sure if you live in an area that sees fewer sunny days during the winter months, try taking a high-quality Vitamin D supplement. To learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D, check out our blog post here.

Slow Down

It’s been a wild year. As the world shut down, our lives began to slow down too. A change of pace isn’t always a bad thing, however. Typically summertime is filled with lots of activities and parties, and you may feel you were constantly on the run but now well into fall, those activities are slowing down. One thing we can take away from the past year is that it’s okay sometimes to embrace the slow down.

As we head into winter, keep this in mind. Don’t say yes to every obligation, and don’t overwhelm yourself with plans. SLOW DOWN and take some time for yourself or to focus more on your family. When you try to do everything, you end up overstressed. This stress accumulates to tension in your body and leads to hypertension, causing many other health complications. [2]

Continue to Stay Hydrated

When it’s hot outside, it's an easy reminder to drink water. But, when the weather gets cold, you often forget to stay hydrated. Hydration is just as crucial in cooler months as it is in hot summer months. Water is essential for your organs to function. Your body is made up of about 60% water. [3] It only makes sense to need an adequate amount of water to help lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients throughout the body, and help fight infections.[4] 

If it helps to stay on top of hydration during cooler months, always keep a water bottle nearby, eat hydrating foods and make a conscious effort to pay attention to your water intake.

Don’t Stop Exercising.

It’s pretty common for people to get a little lazier as the seasons change. The days are getting shorter, and everything slows down a bit. Don’t let this stop you from getting in some exercise. Just like how a lack of vitamin D can impact your mood, so can not getting your body moving. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good. It is critical to keep moving all year long to help with depression and sleep disturbances and prevent other health disorders. [5]

Take in All Those Summer Veggies

Maybe you have a garden every summer that produces delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. And if you don’t, that’s okay too. You can probably relate to eating more fruit and summer vegetables in the summertime. As fall continues, we will start to gravitate toward more root vegetables that are also essential for health but don’t forget to incorporate those summer fruits and veggies still. A simple way to do this is by buying frozen produce. You will still get the benefits of all the nutrients you need, plus the convenience of not having to worry about them going bad.

Take Your Vitamins and Supplements

We’ve already covered vitamin D, but let’s talk about some other essential supplements to take all year long. It’s important to speak with your doctor and find the right vitamins for your specific needs; however, here are some of our favorites to keep your immune system strong and you feeling great all year long.

Spend Time in Nature

Whether you live where you get all the seasons or not, getting outdoors is key to a happy and healthy life. Of course, during the summer, we associate sunny days with outdoor activities but let’s not forget to admire the scenery in fall. Studies indicate that spending time in nature can lower blood pressure, promote a healthy immune system, and improve your mood.[6] Try to take a walk or go on an outdoor adventure every once in a while, and your body and mind will benefit.

With the current state of the world, health is of the utmost importance. Ensuring you are both physically healthy and mentally is vital right now. Don’t get discouraged when it comes to starting new healthy habits. Start small, and you will eventually work your way up to an ultimately healthier lifestyle. And if you’re already doing the above, let this information motivate you to keep going! You are doing great.


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