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Reviews of Freeda

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Good quality

Super Cal/Mag - 250 Capsules

Super Quints B-50 - 250 Capsules

Long-time customer

We have been using this product D3 1000 MG for over 15 years from your company.

Great Service, good vitimans

First time I oreded direct from Freeda. I formarly purchased through a 3rd party. Everying went well. The Items were well packaged and arrived quickly. These are good vitimans- I've been using them for over 3 years.

Timely delivery, thank you.

Methylfolate (Folic Acid) 800 mcg - 100 Tablets

Senior Boost Vitamins

I have been using Freeda vitamins for years, and recently switched to the new Senior Boost. So far, I am very happy with it. It is easy to swallow, and has everything needed all in one tablet. Five stars for this product and for customer service!


It’s working wonders for me!

Great calcium supplement

Very happy calcium gluconate is back! This is my go to calcium supplement.

Have not received my order

i have not received them yet. was wondering why it might be taking so long.

Ultra Freeda Iron Free

Must have ... highly recommended by my Clinical Nutritionist

Regular customer for your Vitamin D 3. I was very happy to receive my Vitamin D3 from Freeda. I received it on time as promised

Great Vitamins

I have been using Freeda vitamins for many years and am very happy with the products and service. But, why, why, why….for over a year is there no
Vitamin B-12? Aside from this issue, I have no complaints. Thank you

Great products

Very good products for people with stomach issues

It's a good combination of ingredients.

I trust that these pills are helping me stay well-balanced and healthy.

The Best!

My Vitamin D is checked regularly due to on going medical issues. I had been taking Vit. D for several years but my levels continually ran to low. I switched to the Freeda brand and ever since my levels are great! Highly recommend!!!

D3 5000 IU

The tablet size is easy to swallow and my test results show that it is working.

Great calcium form

I really like the convenience, quality, and value of this supplement. Another great Freeda product!

Biotin 10mgs

After I had Covid I lost a lot of my hair and the consistency of the remaining hair was brittle. After taking the biotin daily for 8 months my hair is back to being thicker and softer! And for an added affect my nails started to grow in stronger! I will stick with the biotin going forward!!

Amazing quality, amazing price, amazing customer service!

Thank you for having such high quality products.

Vitamin D3 5000 IU - 250 Tiny Tablets

Vitamin C 500 mg - 250 Tablets

Great product

Enjoy the savings and quality of your products, thank you.

Great Vitamin D3 1000 IU.

Have been taking Fredia vitamins for years. They are great vitamins. The vitamin D3 1000 IU works wonderful. Great customer service and fast delivery.

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