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Reviews of Freeda

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Vitamin A

A good quality and easy to order

Quintabs-M Iron Free

I was told about Freeda vitamins 20 years ago from my chiropractor when my oldest daughter needed a magnesium gluconate for an athletic issue. Started taking these vitamins back then and have stayed with them ever since. I am soon to be 68 years old, play over 100 softball games a year and just won a National Championship. I attribute these vitamins in providing me with the good health allowing me this opportunity.

Vitamin D3 1000IU

My son takes these as a supplement because he has IBD. I order from Freeda because of the clean ingredients!


Freeda is a good operation. Delivery was prompt and the vitamix C is doing its job.




Quintabs-M with Iron - 250 Capsules

Great Supplements

I like everything included in the multi-vitamin. It has almost everything I need. The Only thing I would change is that there would be a little bit more magnesium in the supplement and some vitamin K since that’s needed for better absorption of vitamin D. I also really like the zinc supplement.


The Freda D3 tablets are perfect to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

Long-term Change

You know that improving hemoglobin level is long term and should be measured by blood analysis. I won't be able to report the results until early next year. I do appreciate your interest and your supplies.


I’ve been using Freeda vitamins for many years, and have always been happy with their products and their service.

Vitamin D3 3000 IU - 100 Tiny Tablets

Cal/Mag the easy way

This is an easy to swallow capsule.

Geri-Freeda - 250 Coated Tablets

A great formulation, fairly priced. Always comes quickly and well-packaged.

Very effective!

These little pills are easy to swallow and are very potent! I highly recommend.

Inositol Powder - 16 Ounces

Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) - 250 Tablets

Calcium Citrate - 250 Tablets

great for those that don't swallow pills

This is a great alternative to pills for vitamin C. My children which won't swallow large pills will take this in a drink form. You just need a little bit for a large amount of the vitamin.

Ive been on quintabs m for many years

Vitamin c

The item is amazing! Especially during this time of year

Does the job, absolutely satisfied!

My daughters nutritionist recommended I supplement with this on top of other different things for her since she is on the petite side, and completely low on the charts for her age (she’s 2). We’ve noticed the improvement at home, and I cannot be more than happy!

Very good service.
Thank you

Vitamin d

Great product, speedy delivery

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