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Reviews of Freeda

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Quintabs-M with iron

I have been taking these vitamins every day for at least 10 years. They are a part of my morning breakfast ritual. They help me to get through my daily routine.

Great vitamins

I've been taking the multivitamin for about 5 years now and I feel more focused and energetic when I take them. Definitely recommend!

Since I take so many vitamins, I can’t tell what each one does except to keep me going.If G-d let’s me, I would be 85 on November 25. So I think all of these vitamins help to keep me going.

Tiny Vit D - great value!

Love this product. I am taking a lot of supplements right now, so adding this mighty little D, was a breeze. Thank you for making this supplement small and excellent!

very easy to swallow

Good calcium citrate tablet

Its a very good calcium tablet,no perservatives in it,all of freeda vitamins,are like that without the stuff in it that people could be allergic to it.

Excellent Product

After a bout with "bad bacteria" some years ago, Freeda Mor-dophilus (a powder) was very useful. Other products I tried did not a help at all. Freeda Acidophilus 1 Billion Probiotic (also known as Enhance Kala) is a capsule filled with the same active ingredient and also works well. David L.



The supplements are great,the only think is the urine is goes more yellow.

Very easy to take, much better than other magnesium pills

SCD Multivitamins

Love them

Has Helped Ease My Shoulder Pain

I have been in a high level of pain for the past 6 months with my shoulder, and have just started PT, which has also been painful. I was taking pain medicine every night so I could lie down and sleep without the excruciating pain. I don't want to take pain medicine so I put up with the pain during the day. When I decided to try the Glucosamine and MSM, I noticed a difference in the lessening of the pain in the same day! By the second day of taking it I decided to try to drop the pain medication, and I haven't had to take it since, so I am very pleased with this product. I do take 3 capsules total either two or three times a day.

Chelates zinc

I don’t feel any difference. My blood work shows the difference. It’s working for me!

The most effective Vitamin D I’ve tried

These vitamins work better than any vitamin D I’ve tried. They got me through Covid and I never got sick, even without me taking any vaccines.

Excellent product!

It’s a good one specially with any gut issues.

Mini Prenatal - 240 Tablets

Quercetin - 60 Capsules

Freeda Calcium Citrate - 250 Tablets

My order arrived quickly and in good shape! The one thing I was questioning - the expiration on it was earlier than on the last Tablets I ordered........

The Absolute Best

Love Freeda Vitamins. You can tell they are fresh and aren’t full of unnecessary ingredients.


Great for the memory

Best Tiny Multis on the market

Very easy to swallow in comparison to all other multis I’ve tried. Very satisfied with purchase.

It works!

I am 79 years old, and between my calcium capsules and summer sun and vit d3, I have to trim my finger nails. They refuse to break! Can only assume my old bones benefit just as much!

all the pills I get are perfect thanks

Best Multi Vitamin

I suffer with a lot of stomach issues. I found out about Freeda vitamins in a book I was reading for digestive issues. Freeda was a recommendation. I tried them and was pleasantly surprised. They did not bother my stomach and the added bonus is, they give me sustained energy throughout the day. I LOVE this product and would never buy anything else.

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