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Geri-Freeda - 100 Coated Tablets

Trusted Source

I trust in your brand because of the pure ingredients.

Change in product

The Freedavite - 100 Tiny Tablets just received differ from my previous orders:
= no dessicant package in the bottle
= taste is somewhat different
I'd like to verify that it is safe to use this product. If changes have to be made in the vitamins, please advise in your website description.


I am so grateful that you created a pre natal vitamin that is easy to swallow - I personally find it so difficult to take tablets and this is a breeze
I live in Australia and there are no mini vitamins on the market
And I also feel great when I take them


Love the tiny tablet.

SCD Multivitamin

This is the ONLY multivitamin I’ve ever found that I could tolerate. All others would wreck havoc on my gut. I’m very thankful to have found this supplement.

I didn’t receive package please
I have requested refund.

Finally, a vitamin EXACTLY designed to help "Break the Vicious Cycle" of Chronic Digestive issues...

If you have suffered with chronic digestive issues like Crohn’s, Celiac, Diverticulitis, Diarrhea, Colitis, like I have for years. You probably have heard of Elaine Gottschall’s book on "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" on how to simply change certain, not all, (S)pecific (C)arbohydrates in your (D)iet that just wreak havoc on your gut. Along with this I have often wondered - What vitamins should I really take? and, in what doses?. I mean how to really know? Well, Freeda Health has made the perfect vitamin that is really all you need - it is formulated to the EXACT specifications found in the book and I feel A LOT BETTER taking them after 2 months now along with the SCD eating guidelines. I’m confident that I’m now getting exactly what I need - not overkill, or too little, of a bunch of vitamins lumped together with no real reasoning behind them. This is also a very reasonably priced bottle since you get 45 days out of one bottle. Take the four capsules a day and you’re good. I do take a simple fruits and vegetable supplement (since no one can eat 5 servings a day really) along with the Freeda Health SCD Vitamin. I have actually saved money from the cornucopia of vitamins I was taking thinking they all were needed - they’re weren’t. Now I am feeling better, my gut is so much more stable and I’m thankful Freeda Health made this vitamin. I can only attest to what’s happened for me between the SCD Diet and these vitamins. - They truly helped. I hope the same results for you.

I have's used it yet

Great product

finally found a B supplement that fits us. Its SCD, has reasonable level of vitamins, and includes both C and Zinc. Great product.

Love it. But it’s a bit pricey

The quality is good, only wish it was less pricey.

Great supplement

I was looking for a B-complex without folic acid and this is one of the only ones I could find. It’s a great supplement.

Niacinamide 250 mg has eliminated (my) brain fog

Truly I thought I was destined for assisted living as I experienced episodes of brain fog daily. I was fretting to a friend who then recommended this product which she had read about in a doctor’s blog. I physically felt a difference on Day 2 of taking Freeda Niacinamide - every four hours. I have been faithfully using this product for about six months and I have not had a single instance of brain fog.

A useful dosage

250 mg is hard to find in stores, have been splitting 500 mg pills for a while.

Great product, great service!

I have severe allergies to some chemicals and these are some of the only product that haven't poisoned me. I would only suggest that the CoQ10 were in a small pill instead of a capsule for easier swallowing. Other than that, great products and service.

Good morning, Great company with fantastic products. Special web-based offerings have been a challenge as once again the BOGO code did not automatically change my total due and I was over charged. I know this can be remedied, but it is an area to tighten. Thank you for your products !


scd multi vitamin

great for anyone that has a gut issue.

buffered vitamin c 500

very satisfied with the product. feel confident with the added ingredients

Last order my vitamins had orange powder all over them. One must have broke open.

allergy safe

I am allergic to many things so it's really nice to know exactly what's in these vitamins and that I won't have a reaction.

Great Service

Love doing business with Freeda Health. The website is very easy to use and they are great with delivery.

In his November 1997 issue of Alternatives, Dr. David Williams devoted the entire issue to a discussion of Niacinamide. In it he recommended 250 mg doses taken throughout the day and suggested Freeda as a place to purchase preservative free Niacinamide. I read this article many years ago and began taking Niacinamide, but not completely following his regimen. I am in my early 70's now with chronic joint pain becoming a very real possibility and something that needs to be addressed every day. I have been following his recommendations to the letter for about a month now. It has reduced pain and given me the awareness that I will be able to work on my small farm and in my woodshop for many years to come. I am grateful to Dr. William Kaufman. Dr. David Williams, and Freeda Health for the work they have done to allow me to continue doing what I enjoy.

Love Freeda

I was very happy with my order. Came promptly, good sale, excellent service.

Vitamins are great. Your website leaves a lot to be desired. Needs to be improved. Spent two hours to order 3 different vitamins and then when in the check out, all disappeared.
My husband, on his computer had the same problem, but finally, after another hour was able to complete. Took almost two weeks for the order to arrive.

Dog friendly

I actually purchased the product on recommendation from my dog’s nutritionist. I feed him 1 1/2 tsp a day based on his diet plan, and he seems to being doing well. He’s healthy, happy and growing fast and strong.

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