4 Supplements That Enhance Your Exercise Performance

4 Supplements That Enhance Your Exercise Performance

The everyday hustle and bustle of this life is tough. We work, care for our families, pets, house, cars, etc. The stresses we put on our bodies and mind can be overwhelming. Finding the time to get to the gym and work out, walk or even exercise in any manner can be difficult. That makes it even more important to make that time we do get as efficient as possible. 

You’ve probably noticed the difference in how you feel when you eat something not so healthy vs. a healthy meal. Somehow, your body still manages to function, or for some, not function so well. Our body's ability to function in general is an impressive work of art. But imagine how capable your body would be when given the proper and healthy doses of the ingredients it needs to function at its max. Your fitness and health would skyrocket. Let’s see why.

Why is supplementation essential while exercising?

Did you know that as you read this, you are burning calories? Whether you're standing, sitting, or even lying on the couch. Throughout the day, our bodies use up the calories, nutrients, and vitamins, simply keeping us alive. Unless you follow a strict and clean diet, chances are you’re not putting in enough of the proper ingredients for your body to function to its max capacity. This means when you finally have time to get your own workout in, there's a good chance you're walking in shorthanded. That is where supplementation comes in. Supplements are designed to assist our diets in providing the body with its needs for our overall health and body function. A body that’s been provided with the proper nutrients and vitamins will hit higher peaks, improve more quickly, and repair itself more efficiently than one working on empty or deficient.  

Benefits of supplementation

The research on supplementation with diet and its all-around benefits has really grown in the last decade. Supplements are being used to help reinforce our bodies to fight illnesses and stabilize mental health and were even heavily researched on their role in the fight against covid. What we have found out for sure, the body functions better when it receives the proper vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and minerals fuel muscle growth after breaking them down on the bench press. They give your ligaments adequate materials to conduct cell processes, help prevent injury, and maintain health. They provide the bones with a much-needed boost to reinforce their structure and prevent injury. Supplementation may even reduce recovery time in some injuries by providing the body with the necessary ingredients to repair itself. Continue reading to learn about a few specific vitamins and their role in your fitness health. 

4 Vitamins/Supplements To Add To Your Health Repertoire 

Vitamin D - Our knowledge of Vitamin D's importance in the body’s function increases daily. But did you know that Vitamin D is an excellent addition to your workout routine? A study on 200 men ages 25-40 showed an increase of about 20% in free testosterone in men given the vitamin D supplement. This can help in explosive strength movements, overall mass effort and increase the efficiency of any workout program[1]. Vitamin D plays a significant role in keeping your bones and joints pain-free or at a reduced level following exercise. A study revealed that those with higher levels of hip and knee pain coincided with a deficient vitamin D level [2]. It’s hard to exercise when you’re already aching. Vitamin D helps improve bone health and bone density. It works with magnesium and calcium to keep your bones as dense and strong as possible. This further reinforced that running below the necessary vitamin D levels could increase the risk of joint and bone injury. Follow along here to see a few of our favorite vitamin D products. 

Vitamin C- We hear about Vitamin C a lot when it comes time for cold season. Vitamin C plays a role in your immune health, making it all-around important. Its role in exercise performance is more than “you can’t work out if you're sick.” Vitamin C is a critical element in how your body repairs itself. It is essential for the production of collagen, which is vital in wound healing and muscle repair [3]. It is involved in protein metabolism, which is necessary for muscle growth and strength training. Vitamin C supplementation may also reduce muscle soreness following exercise, making for a quicker repair and increased training potential throughout the week. Follow here to take a look at what we have to offer for an important boost in Vitamin C.

Iron- Iron deficiency is becoming an increasing concern in today's world. Iron plays an essential role in the transportation of oxygen through the body as well as the production of energy.  Lacking adequate iron can cause fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and other negative symptoms that could hurt or even prevent a workout. Iron deficiency can impair muscle function, making it even more crucial to have adequate levels while working out. Women, distance and endurance trainers, and those who follow a vegan lifestyle are more likely to be at risk of an iron deficiency [3]. Click here to take a look at some of our iron products. Our products are vegan-friendly and accommodate many health requirements, such as gluten-free.

Multivitamins- Multivitamins are recommended for people of all ages by most major health professionals, if not all. They aid in helping us reach our daily values of vitamins and minerals that today's fried and fast diets don't provide. Whether your exercise routine consists of intense and heavy strength training or daily walks with your furry friend or spouse, a multivitamin is suggested for all health benefits. Follow along here to learn more.

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