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Which Vitamins to Take After Your Dental Procedure

Dental health is linked to your overall health. Taking steps to ensure you have good dental health is one of the best ways you can ensure your body is in tip-top shape. Did you know that you can increase your wellness by also incorporating a vitamin routine that works well with your dental procedures? The following are recommendations for vitamins to take for certain dental procedures.

Root Canal

Sometimes root canals are necessary in order to save a tooth. If the dentist tells you that you are a likely candidate for one, do not panic. That simply means that your tooth is strong enough to withstand the procedure and is healthy enough to be saved. Increase your vitamin C for root canals. Doing so will strengthen your immune system and help your gums stay strong. In turn, your tooth will be more likely to remain in your mouth!

Tooth Replacement

No one wants to have a tooth removed. But, for many, it becomes a necessary procedure. Dental implants are a common method of tooth replacement for many people. If you find out that your tooth needs to be pulled and replaced with an implant or another form of artificial tooth, get some vitamin D. Taking vitamin D before and after the procedure can help maintain bone density, which will make your jaw stronger and more likely to maintain the new tooth.

Gum Treatments

If your gums have fallen victim to disease, intense gum treatment may become the necessary next step. Vitamin A is a required nutrient that aids in gum healing. Taking this vitamin along with some other things can help your gums feel better quicker because it promotes stronger tissue. The stronger your gum tissue is, the less likely it is to be attacked by decay.

Deep Cleanings

Deep cleanings happen when you go too long between dental visits or if you don't take care of your teeth like you know you should. Don't fret. Vitamin B complexes encourage healthy gums and new cell growth. So, if you take this vitamin after deep cleanings, your mouth will be stronger in no time. Before you know it, you will need fewer deep cleanings and nothing more than routine visits.

Vitamins have incredible benefits for your body and your dental health. Being intentional with what you take and how you take it can promote better dental health and overall wellness. Combined with regular brushing, flossing and dental visits, you'll maintain a bright and beautiful smile.

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