A night of music and celebration amidst a week of support for Hatzalah

We at Freeda Health understand commitment, which is why we are doing our part to support Hatzalah volunteers!

* They are our friends and neighbors selflessly volunteering their time
* Always ready and willing to respond to every emergency
* No matter where they are, even on their own child’s birthday, they respond immediately
* They provide life saving care above all else
* They are always there in our time of need!

Open your heart with the same loving generosity that you receive through Hatzalah by giving to those who give so much to you. This holy work deserves your support too!

We want to thank YOU!

When you purchase during Hatzalah-thon week, use code 21HATZ15 when you checkout and receive 15% off + Free shipping on your order!

*Offer valid through 5/9/21.

As an extra special incentive, with every purchase made during Hatzalah-thon Week, we are donating 10% of sales made using 21HATZ15!

As a second year corporate sponsor, we are honored to have this opportunity to give to those who give so selflessly for others. THANK YOU for increasing our support through your purchase.