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Parts of Your Body You Didn't Know Were Affected by Your Diet

Parts of Your Body You Didn't Know Were Affected by Your Diet

Most of us know that what we eat can have a major impact on our health and our weight. That being said, many areas of...

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It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to find people, companies, products you can trust. We have researched, compared and used several of Freeda’s products for many years and have come to trust the quality of their products. Usually using the word “no” in describing a product is bad marketing, but Freeda’s list of “no’” is the foundation of solid trust in their supplements, “Freeda vitamins are born free! No Aluminum, No Dyes, No Meat, No Sulfates, No Artificial colors, No Eggs, No Milk, No Sulfites, No Artificial Flavors, No Fish, No Preservatives, No Talc, No Aspartame, No Gelatin, No Casein , No Wheat, No Yeast, No Gluten ,No Starch, No Whey, No Dextrose, No Lactose, No Sugar”

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I have gotten several vitamins from Freeda and the first thing that struck was the quality of their products

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