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Calcium Citrate 250 mg

Calcium Citrate 250 mg

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Calcium is an essential mineral. The body uses calcium for many important functions including building the structure of bone and teeth, the normal functioning of enzyme and hormone secretion, blood vessel contraction/expansion, and muscle contractions. The National Institute of Health estimates that many people consume less than half the amount of calcium they should for their body's needs. Possible benefits of calcium being studied include the slowing of tooth decay and the reduction of some symptoms of PMS. Research indicates that calcium intake is important starting from a young age. It is currently thought that the more bone mass you have early on, the more delayed the bone loss is in later years. Research is also showing that for the body to utilize calcium to its full potential, it needs to have enough magnesium (usually in a ration of 2:1) and vitamin D. People with certain malabsorption problems may be at greater risk for low calcium levels.* Recent research indicates that calcium citrate is one of the easiest forms of calcium for the body to absorb. Due to popular demand, these tablets are now coated, for ease of swallowing.

  • CALCIUM CITRATE 1000MG - Research indicates that a calcium citrate supplement is one of the easiest forms of calcium for the body to absorb. Due to popular demand, these calcium tablets are now coated for ease of swallowing.
  • BONE HEALTH & JOINT SUPPORT - Your body needs Calcium to build & maintain strong and healthy bones. Help prevent low calcium levels with Freeda calcium supplements for women and men. Calcium for women and men bone supplements help ensure your daily calcium intake never falls below recommended levels.*
  • HIGH DOSE - NO VITAMIN D – Vegan calcium no D. This is a high dose potent form of calcium without Vitamin D. Calcium without D3 lets you control your precise daily recommended value and intake of calcium without monitoring additional vitamin intake.
  • KOSHER CERTIFIED - We are committed to formulating the best calcium supplements. Kosher certified and vegan. Free of gluten, lactose, artificial colors/flavors, sugar, starch, animal derivatives, yeast, and gelatin.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA - Getting enough pharmacist recommended calcium is easy with Freeda*. Proudly Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility under strict quality assurance guidelines. Freeda: Trusted Since 1928.

Serving Size

4 Tablets

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calcium (as calcium citrate) 1,000 mg 77%




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Customer Reviews

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Finally found Calcium without Vitamin D

I have a high level of vitamin D in my blood so my doctor told me to reduce my Vitamin D supplements. I also have osteoporosis so it is important for me to take calcium. I was so happy to finally find Calcium without the added Vitamin D. This product is easy to take. It did take quite awhile for the shipment to arrive but it did get here in perfect condition.

Diane P.
Good calcium citrate tablet

Its a very good calcium tablet,no perservatives in it,all of freeda vitamins,are like that without the stuff in it that people could be allergic to it.

Marsha E.
Freeda Calcium Citrate - 250 Tablets

My order arrived quickly and in good shape! The one thing I was questioning - the expiration on it was earlier than on the last Tablets I ordered........

doreen E.

all the pills I get are perfect thanks

Lori D.
Calcium citrate

Works great!!